Colonel Robert Budahas

Lt. Colonel Robert Budahas was an Air Force pilot who had a mental breakdown.  MPs scrambled into his home and found him in his underwear covered with rashes all over his body.  He was trembling on the floor like he was out of his mind.

After this incident he disappeared for 4 months, the military having taken him for treatment supposedly.  When he returned he wasn't quite himself anymore according to his wife, Anita Budahas.  She went so far as to claim he was a different person who just happened to look like her husband. 

Agent Fox Mulder clearly didn't agree but was interested as to the answers of a series of questions he gave Lt. Colonel Budahas.  Although the man could remember his children's names and so forth, Mulder asked him a question about flying that he should have known:

"I got this hotshot pilot friend, who said that he could do Immelmann at a sustained eight g's, is that possible?"

Budahas was disturbed that he couldn't remember that.  His wife pulled away from him as he went to her after that.  It was as if certain memories had been removed and others hadn't been. 

(Played by Andrew Johnston)

(TXF: Deep Throat)

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