Rob Roberts (played by Chad E. Donella) was a genetic mutant that fed upon human brains. He was also an employee of Lucky Boy in Costa Mesa, California.


Roberts tried, in tragic futility, to control his homicidal urges through the use of motivational self-help videos, appetite-suppressant prescriptions, and over-the-counter medicines. He wore a wig, artificial ears, artificial teeth, and contact lenses to conceal his frightening appearance.



Roberts worked at a fast-food restaurant during the day. At work he is still tormented by his uncontrollable urges to eat human brains due to his duty as a chef cooking meat at his job. Roberts tries to repel his urges and pain by talking to his co-workers and occasionally leaving the restaurant. But none of his maneuvers helps him to the point where he begins to have homicidal attributes to satisfy his hunger.

Appointments with Dr. RinehartEdit

As an attempt to deal with his urges and hunger, Roberts began speaking with psychiatrist Dr. Mindy Rinehart and found his way to an eating disorder support group called Overeaters Anonymous. While there, he encountered his landlady, Sylvia Jassey. After the meeting however, Roberts killed her too. Roberts also killed a private investigator hired by Jassey's ex-husband to spy on her.

Gathering the Attention of Mulder and ScullyEdit

He attracted the attention of Mulder and Scully after murdering Donald Edward Pankow and failing to provide a convincing alibi. During the investigation, Derwood Spinks became another prime suspect, but he was aware that Roberts was the true perpetrator, having discovered Roberts' diet pills at the crime scene the following morning. Spink then tried to blackmail Roberts, but was attacked and killed in his own apartment by Roberts.

Roberts decided to leave town, but was nearly stopped by Dr. Rinehart, who expressed great pity and sorrow when Roberts revealed his true appearance. Mulder and Scully arrived at that moment, with guns drawn and demanding that he step away from Dr. Rinehart. Against their wishes, Roberts suicidally rushed the agents, who fired in defense, killing Roberts. His last words before he died were, "I can't be something I'm not." (TXF: "Hungry")


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