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Rob Bowman (born on May 15, 1960 in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA) worked as a director for The X-Files. He initially gained recognition by directing 13 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation between 1987 and 1990.

In 1994, Bowman directed his first episode of The X-Files, entitled "Gender Bender". He continued to work on the series and directed The X-Files Movie in 1998. In 2000, he left the series after having worked on 73 episodes as either director, producer or both.  With 33 credited episodes, he was the second-most prolific director on the show, the first being Kim Manners.

Director/Producer CreditsEdit

Episode Credit
Season 1
"Gender Bender" Director
Season 2
"Fresh Bones" Director/Producer
"End Game"
"Død Kalm"
"F. Emasculata"
"Our Town"
"Sleepless" Director
"Colony" Producer
"Fearful Symmetry"
Season 3
"Paper Clip" Director/Producer
"The Walk"
"Piper Maru" Director
"Jose Chung's From Outer Space
"The Blessing Way" Producer
"The List"
"Teso Dos Bichos"
"Hell Money"
"Talitha Cumi"
Season 4
"The Field Where I Died" Director/Producer
"Paper Hearts"
"Never Again"
"Memento Mori"
"Tempus Fugit"
"Unruhe" Director
"Herrenvolk" Producer
"El Mundo Gira"
"Leonard Betts"
Season 5
"Kill Switch" Director/Producer
"The Pine Bluff Variant" Director
"Bad Blood" Producer
"Patient X"
"The Red and the Black"
"All Souls"
"The End"
Season 6
"Drive" Director/Producer
"One Son"
"Agua Mala"
"Terms of Endearment" Director
"The Beginning" Producer
"How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"
"The Rain King"
"S.R. 819"
"Two Fathers"
"Three of a Kind"
"Field Trip"
Season 7
"Orison" Director/Producer
"En Ami"

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