Rob is the father of one of Dana Scully's godsons friends. At Agent Dana Scully's godson's birthday, she meets the father of one of her godsons friends.  Rob, divorced, and Scully hit it off well enough that they go on a date. 

Dinner with ScullyEdit

On her date with him, they talk about his life post-divorce while Scully avoids discussing the current case she is working on.  People being attacked and eaten is not the kind of thing to talk about while eating after all. 

Her pager goes off and she receives a phone call from Agent Fox Mulder where he suggests the creature may be a beast-woman instead of a beast-man.  It is unclear whether Scully left the date early or not.

Later Rob calls suggesting that he take her out to Cirque De Soliel but she declines.  She explains that she has no interest in Rob to Mulder.  Scully would prefer to go with Mulder to see an ethnobiologist at the Smithsonian instead. (TXF: "The Jersey Devil")


Rob is portrayed by Andrew Airlie.

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