"Five-hundred, sixty-thousand people a day call my office on the porcelain telephone."

Ray was the foreman of the Newark County sewage processing plant in Newark, New Jersey, where the Flukeman was captured. A friendly man full of good humor about his profession, he got along well with Fox Mulder.

When the Flukeman returned to the processing plant after escaping from custody and killing a US Marshal, Ray accompanied Fox Mulder down into the sewer to stop it from escaping through an old overflow system that dumped sewage into the Atlantic Ocean. While attempting to close a grate that would trap the Flukeman in the tunnel, Ray fell into the water and was attacked.

He surfaced as Mulder searched for him only to be grabbed and dragged back underwater, forcing Mulder to leap in to save him. Although Mulder rescued him it became apparent that the Flukeman hadn't harmed Ray but had only attacked him as a distraction, intending to escape through the pipe while Mulder was busy rescuing him. After ensuring Ray was safe, Mulder was able to close the grate and cut the Flukeman in half.

Background Information

  • Ray's name is only given when he introduces himself over the phone. Actor Ron Suave is credited simply as "Foreman."
  • Ray is the only character to survive being attacked (twice!) by the Flukeman in the episode.


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