Quiet Willy (played by Willy Ross) was an agent of the Syndicate.


The First Elder ordered Willy to observe the Cigarette Smoking Man and Fox Mulder supposedly having a discussion. When it was clear that it was not going the way the Elder wanted, he instructed him to kill the CSM. He shot the CSM through a window. (TXF: "Redux II")

At a later date he took orders from the Well-Manicured Man to discover the cause of the mysterious mass deaths of abductees. Quiet Willy visited Cassandra Spender and took her to a bridge in Pennsylvania. Just as Dana Scully came and saw them, the Faceless Rebels attacked. (TXF: "Patient X") One of the Faceless Rebels killed him as he attempted to fight them off. An Alien Alien Bounty Hunter disguised himself as Quiet Willy while he removed a Faceless Rebel from Wiekamp Air Force Base where it was being held. (TXF: "The Red and the Black")


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