Pyro was one of the many servants of The Entity, and was able to blast fire at his foes.

Description and Abilities

Pyro was a large man, with strange markings on his chest. He contains an Artifact Fragment, as well as obtaining another that was formerly in the Harvester after Scully removed it from the Harvester's corpse. As his name suggests, Pyro was constantly on fire, and could launch a stream of fire from his mouth. He could also just swipe at foes, which was made even more dangerous by the fact he was on fire when he did this. His face was revolting, looking like a piece of hamburger with eyes and a mouth.


Nothing is known about his backstory, like the Harvester. He apparently was at least in Red Falls or Briar Lake before the U.S. Government blasted the remains of the town off the map. Workers working for Roush Biotech his remains to their headquarters back east. Somehow he survived and brock loose, and killed a number of Roush Biotech Guards and chasing Scully,Frohike and Byers around Roush headquarters. The three escaped him, but were ambushed again inside the Indoor Garden. Scully defeated him by turning on the sprinklers and then shooting him without his flames covering his body until he died.


Pyro is tougher than the Harvester because unlike the Harvester, Pyro will personally kill you instead of having zombies do the job. Pyro lacks the force powers of the Harvester as well as the ability to revive the dead. However he attacks by smacking and spewing fire from his mouth. When you first encounter him, just run away. In the second encounter, you must activate all four of the water nozzles for the sprinklers in the Indoor Garden. Once the flames are gone, begin to shoot him, with the Shotgun as the recommended weapon of choice.


  • Mulder never fights this boss in the entire game.


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