Possession is

The possessed boy Charlie Holvey in The Calusari.

the state of being possessed by one or many entities, such as a demon. It is often associated with Satan.

Possession can lead to violent behavior and gruesome manifestations such as levitation, bleeding, illness, vomiting objects the person has not consumed (needles, glass, sand, even animals) and strange body distortions. It may give the possessed a strength beyond human capacity and the ability to speak different languages. It can also lead the possessed to self-harm and suicide. The possessed will often speak with a voice and manner of speech very unlike his own and utter unnatural cries or sounds. It is generally accepted that the possessed is a victim that needs to be helped and not punished. Possession is not to be confused with mental illness where chemical imbalance in the brain or psychological trauma can lead to similar behavior to that of the possessed. A case of possession is only considered once therapy and medication have remained unsuccessful and manifestations clearly point out to the paranormal.

Jesus Christ freed many possessed people during his ministry and demons can be cast out by ordering them to leave in the name of Jesus. Fasting and prayer are also part of exorcising a demon.

Is possession entirely the work of demons or could it have something to do with ghosts? The debate continues. As has been observed by clergymen performing exorcisms (casting the entity out) or assisting a person possessed, demons sometimes speak through the possessed and pretend to be a deceased person, thus tricking witnesses into believing they are communicating with a ghost. Satan and his angels (demons) would essentially be liars seeking to deceive and to harm, so no demonic claim could be trusted. But it has been suggested that damned souls could possess the living in a desperate attempt to find rest or salvation. Another suggestion is that damned souls would not necessarily be confined to Hell immediately after death but roam about until they are brought to their place of torment.

Appearances Edit

Roland Fuller was possessed by his cyrogenically preserved brother, Arthur Grable, and committed several murders. (TXF: "Roland").

The spirit of a dead boy possessed his brother and was driven out by Romanian shamans. (TXF: "The Căluşari").

Mulder initially believed that possession may have been involved with a series of deaths in Chicago, only to find out that witchcraft was responsible. (TXF: "Sanguinarium").

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