Phillip Padgett

Phillip Padgett.

Phillip Padgett was a writer who lived next door to Fox Mulder. Dana Scully encountered him in the elevator when she was on her way to see Mulder. He was fascinated by Scully's looks and, when she noticed him looking at her, she felt uncomfortable. He found out Mulder and Scully were on a case where the victims had their hearts removed by a man wearing a hood. He gave Scully a pendant which signified his feelings for her. He found Scully at a church, looking at the Sacred Heart of Jesus painting. He confessed he had sent the pendant to her and also discussed the painting with her but Scully left.

Scully later returned the pendant to Padgett because she couldn't return any feelings for him. He was currently working on a novel which dealt with victims whose hearts were removed. Mulder believed he was the hooded man who was attacking the victims. Padgett was later released, due a murder being committed while he was in jail. After his release, he was confronted by the hooded man, who was actually Ken Naciamento, who was a character in Padgett's novel. Naciamento and Padgett had a psychic connection which allowed Naciamento to come back to life and remove the victims' hearts exactly the way Padgett wrote in his novel. He convinced Padgett to end his novel with the death of Scully and agreed.

While Mulder and Scully were surveilling Padgett, he left his apartment. Padgett was followed by Mulder, though they were both unaware Scully was meanwhile being kidnapped by Naciomento. Padgett was found by Mulder near an incinerator, thinking he was destroying evidence, and was instructed to stop by Mulder. When several nearby gunshots rang out, Padgett was left alone. He threw the novel into the furnace, which caused the hooded man to disappear before he could kill anyone else. Later, Padgett ended up on the floor, lying dead, with his heart beating in one of his hands. (TXF: "Milagro")

Phillip Padgett was played by John Hawkes.