The Pentagon is a large pentagon shaped building in Arlington, Virginia. It is the headquarters of the Department of Defense and the nerve center for military command and control.

The Pentagon has around 25,000 military and civilian employees.


In September 2001, terrorists hijacked a commercial airliner and crashed it into the Pentagon, killing 125 people. (TXF: "My Struggle")

Top Secret Storage

The CIA stores top secret evidence relating to alien contact at The Pentagon. This evidence includes:

The Cigarette Smoking Man had access to this facility, and would sometimes place confiscated or stolen evidence in it. In 1997 Fox Mulder penetrated this facility with the assistance of DOD employee Michael Kritschgau. Inside he located a filing system, which led him to a duplicate of the implant removed from Dana Scully's neck, the reinsertion of which cured her of her cancer.


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