Sean Pendrell was a Special Agent at the FBI occasionally consulted by Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. He helped the agents with technological and scientific information pertaining to their cases.


Pendrell was strongly attracted to Agent Scully. Though his attraction to Scully went apparently unrequited, Sharon Graffia once referred to Pendrell as being "someone close" to Scully.

In 1997, Pendrell ran into Scully at a bar frequented by FBI agents. Scully was accompanied by Sergeant Louis Frisch, a key witness to the investigation of the downing of Flight 549, who was targeted by a Syndicate agent. As the assassin turned his gun on Sergeant Frisch, Pendrell got in the line of fire, returning to Scully's table with drinks to celebrate her birthday. He was shot in the chest and died shortly after in a Washington hospital. Scully sadly realized she had never known Pendrell's first name after his death.


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Background Information

The Inkworks Season 4/5 trading card set incorrectly names Agent Pendrell as "Danny". They may have associated him with the Danny whom Mulder frequently mentions. However, Danny is also mentioned after Pendrell's death.

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