Paul Mossinger was a local newspaper reporter that introduced himself to Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully after the two FBI agents received the brush off from Colonel Kissel about Lt. Colonel Robert Budahas' disappearance.

Aiding Mulder and Scully

During the investigation of Lt. Budahas, Mulder avoided telling Mossinger about their investigation and asked him if he'd ever seen a UFO.  Mossinger scoffed at UFOs but Mulder asked where he could go to talk to the UFO nuts.  This led Mulder and Scully to the Flying Saucer Diner. 

When Mulder and Scully are having dinner at a burger joint with UFO watchers Zoe and Emil, Mossinger watched from outside.  On his walkie talkie, people were referring to Mossinger as "Redbird." 

Later on, Scully notices Mossinger coming out of her motel room.  She reaches for her gun but it is still in the motel room.  Mossinger claims the door was open but then his walkie talkie goes off and calls him "Redbird."  Scully runs into Mossinger's car and locks the doors, looking around for keys.  She checks the glove compartment and finds Airbase Security ID and a gun.  Paul Mossinger bashes open the passenger side window and reaches in but Scully gets him in the eye with her thumb.  She holds him at gunpoint as Emil and Zoe show up explaining that Mulder went to the airbase and hasn't returned.  Scully attempts to force Mossinger to tell her where Mulder is and ultimately arranges a return of Mulder while holding Mossinger at gunpoint as the driver of the car.  After Mulder is returned, Mossinger explains that everything he did was justified given the secrets that he protects. 

"I just wanna say, everything you've seen here is equal to the protection we give it.  It's you who have acted inappropriately."

Mossinger goes into the air base while Mulder and Scully return to Washington, D.C. not long after this. 

(TXF: Deep Throat)

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