Patrick Garland Crump was a man who lived nearby a military installation where electromagnetic experiments were taking place. One particular experiment involving extremely low frequencies caused his wife, Vicky Jenkins Crump, to begin experiencing intense head pains, as though the frequency was in resonance with her skull. The only way to alleviate her excruciating pain was to drive at high speed away from the underground antenna system being used for the experiment. Crump's flight from his home led police on a chase across Nevada, where he was stopped by a spike strip. While being apprehended by police officers who believed they were dealing with a hostage situation, his wife was kept immobile long enough for the frequency in her skull to make it explode.

Crump was taken into custody, but he too began showing signs of the resonating skull. Mulder and Scully were in the area on menial FBI work, and showed up to investigate. Ultimately, Crump ended up taking Mulder hostage and ordering him to drive at full speed due west. Along the way, Mulder learned the entire situation. As they approached the coast, Mulder explained that they would have to stop, where Scully was waiting with a medical team to save Crump's life before his head exploded. However, they were unable to make in time and Crump shared his wife's fate. (TXF: "Drive")

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