Pam (played by Carrie Hamilton) was the girlfriend of Bernard Oates and was trapped in an endlessly repeating time loop that always resulted in Oates blowing up a Cradock Marine bank in Washington, D.C. and killing everyone inside. While experiencing this time loop, she was able to identify Fox Mulder and Dana Scully - who were both killed in the blast. Eventually, Pam was able to speak with Mulder and tell him her story but he kept dying in the explosion. She even learned Walter Skinner's name and begged him not to send in police officers, which frightened Oates into detonating his bomb. After experiencing the same day over and over again, Pam finally helped Mulder realize there was a time loop that he could break free of. Mulder spoke with Oates in the bank, but - yet again - Oates attempted to hold up the bank. This time, however, Pam entered the bank with Scully. When Oates tried to shoot Mulder, Pam took the bullets and died instantly. Oates was devastated and taken into police custody. Although Pam was dead, the time loop was broken. (TXF: "Monday")

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