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The exterior of Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital.

A conference room in the hospital.

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital was a Catholic-run medical facility. In 2008, Dana Scully as well as Father Ybarra worked there, while Christian Fearon was one of the facility's patients. Regular meetings were held with the hospital's collective of staff and doctors. (The X-Files: I Want to Believe)


In 2008, Dr. Scully coordinated the hospital's efforts of care regarding Christian Fearon with those of another medical facility, at which another female doctor worked. At one of the regular meetings that involved the hospital's staff and doctors, Scully spoke with her distant colleague about Christian's condition.

Shortly thereafter, the decision of whether Christian, who was suffering from Sandhoff disease, should remain at the hospital or be relocated to another facility better suited to his condition was disputed by members of the hospital's staff, with Dr. Scully arguing for the former option and Father Ybarra being a primary proponent of the latter. Scully also insisted that the choice was not the responsibility of hospital administration but rather that of Christian's primary physician (who was, specifically, herself), while Father Ybarra argued the opposite.

These issues were discussed at another of the hospital's group meetings, at which one critical case in the purview of Dr. Willard was discussed before Scully interrupted. Although the other attendees of the meeting had not objected to the prospect of Christian's relocation (prior to Scully's unpunctual arrival at the proceeding), Scully declared her decision that Christian would be treated with intrathecal stem cell therapy, a choice that proved to be controversial among Scully's colleagues. A series of operations, procedures that would allow the hospital's doctors to determine if the treatment was working, was nevertheless subsequently begun.

Shortly thereafter, Father Joseph Crissman was submitted to the hospital, after having suffered a seizure, but later died of lung cancer.

Dr. Scully was due to oversee another of Christian's surgeries but was advised by her partner, Fox Mulder, that – if she had any doubts at all – she should call off the surgery and the couple would then leave alone, together. Scully was observed by at least two of her colleagues who had opposed the treatments (one of whom was Father Ybarra) before she entered surgery and, watched by three nuns, she made a start at continuing the procedures.

It is unknown if Scully did as Mulder advised her to do and called off the surgery at the hospital. They can be seen riding a boat across a seascape, toward a Caribbean island, in the film's post-credits sequence, which suggests that Scully did postpone the operation at the hospital, but the reality of this scene in the context of the regular reality of the characters is unclear.