Oliver Martin in his home.

Oliver Martin was a telekinetic of unbelievable power who lived alone. His powers were of such magnitude that he created the illusion that his house was the Brady Bunch home and that the Bradys inhabited it. He could and did (out of reflex not maliciousness) telekinetically throw two people to their deaths in a Loony Tunes style (shot up through the roof and then they came back down away from his house). Agent John Doggett nearly became the third unintentional victim but managed to hold onto the rafters and keep himself from bursting out of the roof.

Originally named Anthony Fogelman he changed his name to Oliver Martin, the unliked cousin of the Bradys, because he always felt like an outsider and didn't much like himself. Dr. John Rietz studied Fogelman for quite some time, becoming the father Fogelman never had. They would watch the Brady Bunch together hence the association with the show to Fogelman. Rietz was studying Fogelman's telekinetic powers but eventually after spending enough time with the

The young Anthony Fogelman. Age 8, filmed moving blocks with his mind.

boy, the powers fizzled out. His powers were related to his emotional state and actually being content and happy, weakened or eliminated the powers. After his surrogate father, Rietz, left, Fogelman's powers returned and were used to make himself feel less alone.

When Agents Monica Reyes and John Doggett ended up crossing paths with Oliver Martin after the deaths of two men who had trespassed into Martin's home, Dr. John Rietz ended up returning. Rietz reigned in Oliver Martin so no further deaths occurred. Rietz and the Agents were excited because Martin could demonstrate his powers to the FBI and others, proving the existence of the paranormal.

But the overuse of his powers nearly killed him and Scully convinced Rietz to command Oliver Martin to never use the powers again. Rietz would live Martin now as the father he had needed for more than twenty years. (TXF: "Sunshine Days")

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