Old Town is the original section of Red Falls until fell into fell apart while the rest of Red Falls expanded. Old Town appears to once have been an old western town until some point in history when most of the residents left that section of Red Falls to reside in the expanding sections of the town. Old Town contains numerous western like buildings, Mills Pine Bridge, a cematary, and old Cold War Bunker.

During the events of The X-Files: Resist or Serve, the town is crawling with zombies.Katlyn try's to escape Scully by heading toward Old Town. Scully manages to find Katlyn, who was hiding in the cematary. Scully attempts to help Katlyn, but Katlyn instead vomits out the Black Oil to chase Scully. Scully manages to find the Cold War Bunker while she's being chased by a Black Oil, meeting up with the few survivors of the town of Red Falls there. Mulder while passing through finds Katlyn, who dies right in front of him.


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