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Nathaniel Teager "vanishing"

Nathaniel Teager (played by Peter LaCroix) was an American soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. He was Green Beret Sergeant and became a prisoner of war when his helicopter was shot down in 1971. He was left for dead. Despite the fact that the Department of Defense claimed no POWs were left in Vietnam in 1973, Teager and many others were indeed still there. Teager managed to escape in 1997 and intended to exact his revenge and expose the coverup.

Teager planned to attend a re-dedication ceremony for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.. He began by murdering General Jon Steffan in his limousine outside of Washington. He then murdered Lieutenant General Peter MacDougal in his office at the Pentagon. Each time, he would leave behind a playing card with the Bloody Sabers on it.

Apprehending Teager proved extremely difficult, as he was able to "disappear" at will. Mulder and Scully believed this ability was the result of Teager learning from the Viet Cong how to manipulate a person's blind spot and create the illusion of disappearing. At the ceremony, several FBI agents coordinated by Skinner patrolled the grounds for Teager to almost no avail. Mulder was able to find him and drew his gun, terrifying the crowd. Yet again, Teager vanished. Major General Benjamin Bloch, who had been speaking, was rushed to his car - but Mulder realized that the other murders had taken place at close range and that Teager must be inside the car. Teager refused to negotiate and firefight broke out between him and the FBI team. Teager was hopelessly outgunned and killed.

Despite the fact that Teager had survived so many years, his name did, in fact, appear on the memorial.

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