The MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) was a chapter from Allentown, Pennsylvania, whose members were abductees or UFO enthusiasts who met to share their alien encounters and abduction experiences. These men and women had gathered an impressive amount of information on the subject, enough to be considered dangerous by the Syndicate. MUFON meetings were held at Betsy Hagopian's house, a repeater who had been taken since she was a teenager. The women who formed the group were abductees on whom the Syndicate's scientists had performed procedures provoking superovulation to harvest their ova for hybridization experiments. These procedures had left the women ill and barren and they died from brain cancer around 1996-1997. A hybrid clone named Kurt Crawford made using the female abductees' ova had also joined this group and befriended the abduction victims, his series being part of the resistance against the colonization project. His fellow MUFON members did not seem to know about this. This hybrid was killed, as well as a member named Steve Zinnsner who sold copies of an alien autopsy video revealing the Syndicate's experiments on the Roswell alien corpses.

List of known membersEdit

Mufon Women
Edna Cooper

Kurt Crawford

Betsy Hagopian

Lottie Holloway

Penny Northern

Doug Steeden

Steve Zinnsner


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