Eugene Victor Tooms, the first Monster of the Week villain

"Monster of the Week", or MOTW, refers to episodes of The X-Files that typically deal with some type of supernatural or paranormal creature/entity, but may also be a simple criminal with a unique ability. They are usually separate from episodes dealing with the conspiracy, although certain elements can crossover between the two. Monster of the Week episodes populate the majority of each season, as to avoid the risk of over exposing the mythology arc.

Monster of the Week Episodes[edit | edit source]

# in season Episode Monster
Season 1
3 "Squeeze" Eugene Victor Tooms
5 "The Jersey Devil" Jersey Devils
6 "Shadows" Howard Graves
7 "Ghost in the Machine" Central Operating System
8 "Ice" Parasitic ice worms
9 "Space" Marcus Aurelius Belt
(possessed by a Martian entity)
11 "Eve" The Eves
(a government clone experiment)
12 "Fire" Cecil L'Ively
13 "Beyond the Sea" Luther Lee Boggs
14 "Gender Bender" The Kindred
15 "Lazarus" Jack Willis
(possessed by Warren James Dupre)
16 "Young at Heart" John Barnett
18 "Miracle Man" Samuel Hartley
19 "Shapes" Manitou
20 "Darkness Falls" Wood mites
21 "Tooms" Eugene Victor Tooms
22 "Born Again" Michelle Bishop
(a reincarnation of Charlie Morris)
23 "Roland" Arthur & Roland Grable
Season 2
2 "The Host" Flukeman
3 "Blood" Edward Funsch
4 "Sleepless" Augustus Cole
7 "3" Trinity Killers
9 "Firewalker" Silicon based parasite
11 "Excelsis Dei" Poltergeists
of Excelsis Dei
12 "Aubrey" B.J. Morrow
13 Irresistible" '
14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt" Phyllis Paddock
15 "Fresh Bones" Jacob Wharton
18 "Fearful Symmetry"
19 "Død Kalm" Contaminated water
(Causes rapid age progression)
20 "Humbug" Leonard
21 "The Căluşari" Michael Holvey
(possessing his twin Charlie Holvey)
22 "F. Emasculata" Faciphaga emasculata
23 "Soft Light" Chester Barton
24 "Our Town" Walter Chaco
Season 3
3 "D.P.O." Darren Peter Oswald
4 "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" Puppet
5 "The List" Napoleon "Neech" Manley
6 "2Shy" Virgil Incanto
7 "The Walk" Leonard Trimble
8 "Oubliette" Carl Wade
11 "Revelations" Simon Gates
12 "War of the Coprophages" Cockroaches
13 "Syzygy" Margi Kleinjan and Terri Roberts
14 "Grotesque" William Patterson
17 "Pusher" Robert Patrick Modell
18 "Teso Dos Bichos" Cursed jaguar spirit
19 "Hell Money" Hard-Faced Man
20 "José Chung's From Outer Space" Lord Kinbote
21 "Avatar" Succubus
22 "Quagmire" Big Blue
23 "Wetwired" Tachistoscopic images
Season 4
2 "Home" The Peacock family
3 "Teliko" Samuel Aboah
4 "Unruhe" Gerry Schnauz
5 "The Field Where I Died" Vernon Ephesian
6 "Sanguinarium" Jack Franklyn
10 "Paper Hearts" John Lee Roche
11 "El Mundo Gira" Chupacabra/Eladio Buente
12 "Leonard Betts" Albert Tanner
13 "Never Again" Betty
15 "Kaddish" Isaac Luria
16 "Unrequited" Nathaniel Teager
19 "Synchrony" Jason Nichols
20 "Small Potatoes" Eddie Van Blundht
22 "Elegy" Ghosts
Season 5
4 "Detour" Mothmen
5 "The Post-Modern Prometheus" The Great Mutato
8 "Kitsunegari" Linda Bowman and Robert Patrick Modell
9 "Schizogeny" Karin Matthews
10 "Chinga" Chinga
11 "Kill Switch" Gelman's AI
12 "Bad Blood" Ronnie Strickland
16 "Mind's Eye" Marty Glenn
17 "All Souls" Aaron Starkey
18 "The Pine Bluff Variant" A deadly biological weapon
19 "Folie a Deux" Greg Pincus
Season 6
2 "Drive" Patrick Garland Crump
3 "Triangle" Nazis
4 "Dreamland I" Morris Fletcher
(body swap)
5 "Dreamland II" Morris Fletcher body swap
6 "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" Maurice and Lyda
7 "Terms of Endearment" Wayne Weinsider
(vele demon)
8 "The Rain King" Holman Hardt
10 "Tithonus" Alfred Fellig
13 "Agua Mala" The sea monster
14 "Monday" Bernard Oates kinda pam
15 "Arcadia" Ubermenscher
16 "Alpha" Dr.Ian Detweiler
17 "Trevor" Wilson Pinker Rawls
18 "Milagro" Phillip Padgett
19 "The Unnatural" Josh Exley
20 "Three of a Kind"
21 "Field Trip" Hallucinogenic Mushroom Organism
Season 7
3 "Hungry" Rob Roberts
4 "Millennium" Zombie
5 "Rush" Max Harden
6 "The Goldberg Variation" Henry Weems
7 "Orison" '
8 "The Amazing Maleeni" Maleeni
9 "Signs and Wonders" Samuel Mackey
12 "X-Cops" An unknown fear entity
13 "First Person Shooter" Maitreya
14 "Theef" Orell Peattie
16 "Chimera" Ellen Adderly
17 "all things"
18 "Brand X" Darryl Weaver
19 "Hollywood A.D."
20 "Fight Club" Betty Templeton/LuLu Pfeiffer
21 "Je Souhaite" Jenn
(A jinniyah)
Season 8
3 "Patience" Human bat
4 "Roadrunners" Parasite
5 "Invocation" Billy Underwood
6 "Redrum" Martin Wells
7 "Via Negativa" Anthony Tipet
8 "Surekill" Randall Cooper
9 "Salvage" Raymond Aloysius Pearce
10 "Badlaa" Beggar Man
12 "Medusa" Parasitic cnidarian
17 "Empedocles" Evil
19 "Alone" Herman Stites
Season 9
3 "Daemonicus"
4 "4-D" Erwin Timothy Lukesh
5 "Lord of the Flies" Anne T. Lokensgard
7 "John Doe"
8 "Hellbound" Robert Fassl
11 "Audrey Pauley" Audrey Pauley
12 "Underneath"
13 "Improbable"
14 "Scary Monsters"
17 "Release"
18 "Sunshine Days" Oliver Martin
Season 10
2 "Founder's Mutation" Kyle Goldman
3 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster" Guy Mann
4 "Home Again"
5 "Babylon" Trashman
Season 11
2 "This" Commander Al
3 "Plus One" Little Judy Poundstone and Little Chucky Poundstone
4 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat"
6 "Kitten"
7 "Rm9sbG93ZXJz"
8 "Familiar" Mr. Chuckleteeth
9 "Nothing Lasts Forever"
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