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Mitch Pileggi (born April 5, 1952) is an American actor who portrayed FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner in The X-Files. He also appeared as Skinner in The Lone Gunmen episode "The Lying Game" and provided his voice to The X-Files Game and The X-Files: Resist or Serve.

Mitch Pileggi's father worked for a military contractor, which meant that he and his family moved all over the world. Mitch worked for the same people his father did, until he left Iran in 1979. He came back to the US, to Texas, where he worked in local theatre. This led to minor movie and television parts. In 1982, he appeared in Mongrel (with Rachel Winfree). He auditioned a few times for The X-Files before getting the part of Assistant Director Skinner. It wasn't until he came back with more hair at the audition for Skinner that he was successful in obtaining the role.

His wife, Arlene Pileggi, played Skinner's secretary in the show. They were introduced by Gillian Anderson, Arlene being her stand-in. David Duchovny was best man at their wedding in Hawaii, in 1996. Their daughter, Sawyer Pileggi, was born in 1998.

Since The X-Files finished in 2002, Pileggi has voiced Commissioner James Gordon in The Batman and had a recurring role as Colonel Steven Caldwell in Stargate: Atlantis. Pileggi also starred as Samuel Campbell in the hit sci-fi series Supernatural and FX's Sons of Anarchy.


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