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The Second Season of Millennium commenced airing on FOX network in the United States on September 19, 1997, concluding on May 15, 1998 after airing twenty-three episodes.


After Frank Black's wife, Catherine, disappears in a Seattle airport, Millennium Group member Peter Watts helps Frank to search for the man who abducted his wife. When Frank eventually finds his wife's kidnapper in his own home, he brutally murders the man. Catherine feels that the house is no longer a home and ends her relationship with Frank, still allowing him to look after their daughter, Jordan. Frank moves out of the house but his recent personal experiences cloud his judgement and his "gift" becomes less easy to use. Nevertheless, he continues to work for the Millennium Group on an extremely varied group of cases and meets more members of the organization, such as Brian Roedecker and Lara Means, as he does so. He develops suspicions regarding the organization and learns that he was wrong to trust some of the group's members. When the group divides and begins a civil war, Frank quits the organization. It is soon learned, however, that a group of Nazis known as Odessa are responsible for the disunion. After they kill the leader of the Millennium Group, the group retaliates and destroys Odessa. Frank Black returns to the group after having told Catherine everything he knows about the organization, helping to re-establish his trust with her. Frank continues to have questions and doubts about the group, however, as an unknown but extremely infectious disease spreads across America. After he comes in contact with the virus, the Millennium Group quarantines and treats him. Once released, he learns that the Millennium Group have intentionally spread the infection and that they also secretly gave him a vaccine while he was quarantined. He takes his family to a cabin away from civilization and gives his daughter, Jordan, the vaccine, but his wife unfortunately dies.


No. Episode Name / Summary
Millennium logo 2x01 "The Beginning & the End"

After Catherine Black goes missing from a Seattle airport, Frank desperately struggles to find her abductor.

Millennium logo 2x02 "Beware of the Dog"

Frank travels to a small town where the inhabitants are terrified of frequent attacks by dogs and meets an old man who teaches him about the nature of evil.

Millennium logo 2x03 "Sense and Antisense"

With the help of Peter Watts, Frank uncovers evidence of a conspiracy connected to the Human Genome Project.

Millennium logo 2x04 "Monster"

While Frank investigates reports of child abuse at a small day care center, he meets Lara Means, another candidate member of the Millennium Group who also sees visions related to evil. She helps Frank to investigate the case and tries to prove his innocence after he is convicted of assaulting a young girl.

Millennium logo 2x05 "A Single Blade of Grass"

With the help of an anthropologist, Frank investigates a murder case involving Native American apocalyptic prophecy which seems to be becoming reality

Millennium logo 2x06 "The Curse of Frank Black"

On Halloween, Frank has an eerie night full of unsettling coincidences that seem to be related to a childhood incident when he himself once went Trick-or-Treating.

Millennium logo 2x07 "19:19"

Frank Black, Peter Watts and Lara Means race to recover a busload of kidnapped school children before a massive storm kills them.

Millennium logo 2x08 "The Hand of Saint Sebastian"

Frank Black and Peter Watts search for an ancient artifact in Germany while secretive operatives try to kill them.

Millennium logo 2x09 "José Chung's Doomsday Defense"

Frank Black and members of the Millennium Group try to protect controversial writer José Chung from fundamentalists of a bizarre religious group known as Selfosophy.

Millennium logo 2x10 "Midnight of the Century"

On Christmas Eve, Frank seems haunted by a Christmas 51 years ago when he drew a picture of an angel with his mother and learns that his daughter, Jordan, has drawn an extremely similar picture allegedly with the help of his now-deceased mother.

Millennium logo 2x11 "Goodbye, Charlie"

Frank Black and Lara Means encounter a series of murders committed under the guise of euthanasia.

Millennium logo 2x12 "Luminary"

Following a tense meeting with the Millennium Group, Frank decides to investigate a teenager's disappearance in the Alaskan wilderness despite the group's express objections.

Millennium logo 2x13 "The Mikado"

With the help of computer expert Brian Roedecker, Frank Black and Peter Watts try to stop an extremely elusive killer who is broadcasting the deaths of his victims on the internet and may be a sadistic murderer that Frank has tracked before.

Millennium logo 2x14 "The Pest House"

Investigating a series of murders, Peter Watts and Frank Black look for suspects in a psychiatric hospital.

Millennium logo 2x15 "Owls"

Frank Black quits the Millennium Group while Peter Watts and Lara Means search for an ancient artifact that has almost caused a civil war between divided factions of the group.

Millennium logo 2x16 "Roosters"

As civil war rages between split factions of the Millennium Group, it is discovered that a Nazi organization known as Odessa are to blame for their disunion.

Millennium logo 2x17 "Siren"

When Jordan insists that Catherine help a mysterious and beautiful woman who was rescued from the sea, Frank and Lara Means learn of the woman and become involved in a bizarre case to discover her identity.

Millennium logo 2x18 "In Arcadia Ego"

Frank attempts to track two escapees from a women's prison in love with each other, one of whom carries an unborn baby who the women believe is a miracle child.

Millennium logo 2x19 "Anamnesis"

Catherine Black and Lara Means conduct separate investigations of a teenage girl who claims to be able to see magnificent religious visions of Mary Magdalene.

Millennium logo 2x20 "A Room With No View"

Frank searches for a missing boy he believes was abducted by his former enemy, Lucy Butler.

Millennium logo 2x21 "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me"

Four demons discuss their individual interactions with humans, each telling a story of how one particular man apparently saw their true essence.

Millennium logo 2x22 "The Fourth Horseman"

While Lara Means goes missing, Frank Black and Peter Watts are quarantined by the Millennium Group after they come in contact with an unknown disease and Jordan experiences a terrifying nightmare.

Millennium logo 2x23 "The Time is Now"

After learning that the Millennium Group is spreading a virus across America, Frank locates Lara Means and takes his family to a cabin in the woods.


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