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The First Season of Millennium commenced airing on FOX network in the United States on October 25, 1996, concluding on May 16, 1997, and consisting of twenty-two episodes.


A former FBI agent named Frank Black retires to Seattle, Washington with his family and begins working with a mysterious organization known as the Millennium Group. He continues to investigate cases with members of the Millennium Group and the Seattle Police Department, contributing his remarkable capability of relating to the monsters responsible for the horrific crimes. He finds, however, that his daughter has inherited the same "gift" that he has, while the cases become increasingly more personal.


No. Episode Name / Summary
Millennium Pilot
1x01 "Pilot"

Renowned FBI profiler Frank Black retires to Seattle with his family and becomes a member of the Millennium Group, a secretive team of men who were once law enforcement officers. Using his incredible profiling skills, Black helps in an effort to catch a vicious murderer who believes he is fulfilling apocalyptic prophecies.

Mike Atkins in microwave 1x02 "Gehenna"

Frank Black learns about the nature of evil when he and members of the Millennium Group investigate the death of a young man who was murdered after having taken LSD.

Hair today 1x03 "Dead Letters"

While searching for a killer who murders random women in order to feel important, Frank Black attempts to work with a partner who is ill-suited to handle the intense horrors the case represents.

The Judge talks to Frank Black 1x04 "The Judge"

Frank Black encounters a man who calls himself "the Judge", a killer who leads aimless young men to murder those he commands must die.

FBI task force under Jack Pierson 1x05 "522666"

Frank Black and Peter Watts join a specialized FBI team in an attempt to catch a man who is obsessed with bombing buildings.

Ardis Cohen and Frank Black examine ring 1x06 "Kingdom Come"

Reunited with a former police partner, Frank Black investigates the ritualistic murders of several Jesuit priests.

James Dickerson embraces Tina 1x07 "Blood Relatives"

Frank Black encounters a juvenile delinquent who takes advantage of families grieving the loss of a loved one to a murderous end.

Catherine Black consoles Connie Bangs 1x08 "The Well-Worn Lock"

As a Victim Services support worker, Frank Black's wife, Catherine, investigates a father who sexually abused his own daughters.

Catherine Black watches Patricia Highsmith draw 1x09 "Wide Open"

Frank Black and the Seattle Police Department attempt to solve the mysterious murder of a couple whose young daughter was forced to witness their deaths in their newly purchased high-security home. As Catherine attempts to help the girl recover, it is discovered that the killer intends to prove wrong humanity's false assumption of being safe and secure.

Maddie Haskel with Angel Webber 1x10 "The Wild and the Innocent"

An emotionally distraught woman and her murderous boyfriend desperately search for the baby her father sold to a childless couple. Frank Black is called in to investigate and, with the help of Peter Watts, slowly unravels the puzzling case.

Blood-filled ball 1x11 "Weeds"

A forensic pathologist from the Millennium Group and a puzzled detective work with Frank Black in a desperate effort to determine the identity of a kidnapper who abducts teenage boys and makes them pay for the hidden sins of their fathers.

Loin Like a Hunting Flame 1x12 "Loin Like a Hunting Flame"

Frank Black tries to track down a serial killer who provides drugs to his victims, watches them indulging in sex and then murders them.

Frank Black and Iron Lung Man 1x13 "Force Majeure"

A seemingly paranormal chain of events lead Frank Black to discover an unusual man who has created a bizarre family of cloned daughters in preparation for a great apocalyptic disaster on May 5, 2000.

Richard Alan Hance is interviewed by Frank Black 1x14 "The Thin White Line"

Frank Black is haunted by a case he worked on twenty years ago involving a serial killer who murdered three FBI agents on a stake-out that he participated in. Blaming his own inaction for the deaths, Frank desperately tries to stop a criminal who has learned to kill by copying the same serial killer.

Frank Black and Thomas Black 1x15 "Sacrament"

When Frank Black's step-sister is kidnapped, he is forced to ignore direct orders in order to begin investigating the case.

William Garry, Jr. in silhouette 1x16 "Covenant"

Frank Black is called in to profile a sheriff who confessed to murdering his entire family.

Frank Black drugged 1x17 "Walkabout"

Frank Black suddenly disappears and is found again with no memory of what has happened to him. As he searches for answers as to his recent experience, he learns that he was a test subject in a strange and brutal drug trial.

Bob Bletcher death photograph 1x18 "Lamentation"

Frank Black investigates the disappearance of a former nemesis and learns that his family may be the target of a murdering nurse.

Millennium logo 1x19 "Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions"

Frank Black and Millennium Group member Peter Watts investigate a series of bizarre satanic slayings and get caught in a battle between human representations of demons and angels.

Millennium logo 1x20 "Broken World"

Frank tries to catch a psychosexual killer of horses.

Millennium logo 1x21 "Maranatha"

Frank investigates an allegedly mythical Russian serial killer with an informer who he suspects is holding back information.

Millennium logo 1x22 "Paper Dove"

On a family visit to Catherine's parents, Frank Black works with the FBI to find a killer they know as "The Woodsman".


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