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Fire Captain Miles Cooles

Miles Cooles was a Fire Captain in Blackwood County Fire Department.

In 1998, Cooles was in charge of a rescue situation when a young boy named Stevie went missing in a cave. The Fire Captain called for a 14-foot-long ladder to be placed so that two of his officers, T.C. and Danny, could climb down into the pit. However, the firefighters also went missing, and Cooles sent another two men, Glenn and Sal, into the hole.

By this time, Cooles had contacted the city of Dallas to ask for assistance. When a helicopter from Dallas arrived, Cooles helped to move a group of civilian observers further away from the scene. The Fire Captain then informed a doctor named Ben Bronschweig of the situation. Cooles was concerned for his men and was puzzled when a fleet of white trucks arrived at the scene. (The X-Files Movie)

Miles Cooles was played by Gary Grubbs.