Mike Raskub (played by Abraham Benrubi), also called "Big Mike," was a veterinarian who lived in The Falls at Arcadia. He quickly warmed up to Rob and Laura Petrie after dropping a box labeled "china" that was actually full of FBI surveillance equipment. He quickly brought over some of his own dishes to make up for his accident. Raskub had dinner with Gene Gogolak and Win Shroeder that evening and expressed hope that they would warn the Petries of the consequences of not following the rules. Raskub was clearly terrified of voicing his opinion, and was gently dismissed by Gogolak. Later that night, Raskub was attacked by the Ubermenscher on the command of Gogolak.

However, Raskub survived the attack and went into hiding in the sewer. He broke Shroeder's lamppost in an effort to draw the Ubermenscher to him and hopefully damage Shroeder's loyalty to Gogolak. Raskub also went to the Petries' home and saved Laura from the Ubermenchser by locking her in the closet while he faced it down. Already weakened and bruised by his previous encounter with the creature, Raskub was no match for the being and was killed. (TXF: "Arcadia")