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The phrase "Men in Black" (or simply MIB) generally refers to unearthly men who appear after UFO sightings and visit people who have spotted UFOs. (TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space")

Origins[edit | edit source]

Myths around strange men who wear black garments date back many centuries in many cultures. Celtic legends recorded many "tricksters" who wore black and enchanted people.

Modern day legends of the MIB trace back to the 1950s. (TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space")

Sightings[edit | edit source]

In 1996, two strange MIBs (one who looked uncannily like Alex Trebek) appeared in Klass County, Washington, according to the reports of several people. They supposedly attempted to persuade Roky Crikenson that he did not see a UFO, claiming that it was the planet Venus.

They later destroy a tape of a possible UFO recorded by Blaine Faulkner, and knock him unconscious.

Finally, the MIBs met with FBI Agents Mulder and Scully, in an attempt to hinder their investigation. Both were knocked unconscious. This event was recorded by José Chung for his book From Outer Space. (TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space")

The two MIBs were portrayed by Jesse Ventura, and of course Alex Trebek.

Majestic[edit | edit source]

Members of Majestic 12 often refer to themselves as "men in black," although it is unknown how they may be connected to the MIBs encountered in Klass County. (TXF: "Jump the Shark")

Many conspiracy theorists, like The Lone Gunmen also refer to Majestic agents as MIBs. (TLG: "All About Yves")

Other Government agencies[edit | edit source]

Occasionally, other government personnel are believed to be MIBs. In 1996, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were believed by Roky Crikenson to be men in black. (TXF: "José Chung's From Outer Space")

Other agencies that could be misconstrued as or involved with the Men in Black, include:

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