Melissa turner
Melissa Turner (played by Susannah Hoffman) was the mother of Polly Turner, wife of Rich Turner, and resident of Maine.


It was rumored that Turner was the descendant of a family of witches in New England. Turner was terrorized by her demanding and short-tempered daughter who enforced her will with the aid of a talismanic doll called Chinga. Ever since her husband retrieved the doll while on a fishing trip, Turner would witness precognitive visions of people killing themselves in horrific manners.

Chinga's Possession

Melissa Turner Supermarket Attack

Melissa and Polly escaping from the supermarket.

Events came to a head when Turner and her daughter, Polly arrived at a supermarket to purchase supplies only to have everyone in a supermarket attempt to claw their own eyes out and had Dave the Butcher kill himself. During the horrific event, Melissa and Polly escaped before they could be seen by any federal agents or law enforcement officers. To try to soothe themselves from the event, they went to an Ice Cream Parlor to have some ice cream for Polly. Deputy Buddy Riggs discovered Melissa and Polly within the Ice Cream Parlor and wanted to talk to her and ask her what is going on between her and her daughter. The conversation was cut short after Polly demanded her mother and the Ice Cream Parlor Employee to get her more cherries with her ice cream. Melissa took Polly and left the Ice Cream Parlor after witnessing the employee of the parlor have her hair pulled by the ice cream maker.

Melissa Turner Hitting Herself

Melissa hitting herself with a hammer due to Chinga's powers.

Agent Scully was in town during the crisis while on vacation. Together with Captain Jack Bonsaint, she put the clues together and determined that Turner's daughter and the doll were responsible for the incident. In addition to the butcher (whom Turner was supposedly having an affair with), Deputy Riggs and Jane Frölich were found dead by the hands of the doll Chinga.

Melissa Turner Back to Normal

After Chinga was destroyed, Melissa and Polly return to their normal selves.

Turner finally had enough of her daughter's vile behavior and attempted to burn their house down, but Chinga had Turner smash herself in the head with a hammer while Polly was forced to watch. Scully and Bonsaint managed to enter the house and Scully was able to convince Polly that she was not herself. After Polly lightly came to her senses, Scully took Chinga and destroyed the doll in a microwave oven, saving Turner's life and releasing her daughter from the doll's power and they were both able to live a normal life once again. (TXF: "Chinga")

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