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Melissa Scully was the sister of Dana Scully and William Scully, Jr. and the elder daughter of William and Margaret. A believer in spirituality and new age mysticism, Melissa was very different from her younger sister, who was a firm believer in hard science.


Following Dana's abduction, and her sudden re-emergence in hospital, Melissa visited her sister, believing she could communicate with Dana spiritually in her comatose state, and to provide strength and support for her. As the condition's of Dana's will stated she did not want to live in this comatose state, Melissa supported her sister's wish for her life support to be terminated, allowing her soul to be free and move on as opposed to being stuck in between life and death.

In 1994, Melissa took a personal trip up and down the east coast and did not communicate with her family during that time, causing a source of stress. Afterward, however, the family accepted she just needed the time. (TXF: "Christmas Carol") She did take a picture of herself on October 7. (TXF: "Emily")

She was the one who persuaded Mulder to really talk to Scully before it was too late. (TXF: "One Breath")

After Scully discovered the implant placed in her neck, it was Melissa who suggested her to undertake regression therapy in an attempt to uncover the truth about her abduction. (TXF: "The Blessing Way")

Sadly, Melissa was mistakenly killed by Luis Cardinal and Alex Krycek, who were really trying to kill Scully. She was shot in the head as she entered Scully's apartment. (TXF: "The Blessing Way")

As Melissa lay dying in hospital, Scully asked for Albert Hosteen to go and pray for her ailing sister, (TXF: "Paper Clip") as he had done for Fox Mulder shortly before. However, Melissa soon passed away. (TXF: "The Blessing Way")

Scully eventually caught Luis Cardinal with Skinner's help. Cardinal later died in his cell, his death made to look like a suicide. (TXF: "Apocrypha")

Some time after Melissa's death, Scully began to receive mysterious phonecalls from someone sounding mysteriously like her. (TXF: "Christmas Carol") After discovering Emily Sim, Scully is at first under the impression that the young girl is Melissa's daughter, before discovering that she is in fact Scully's own child. Bill showed Dana the picture of Melissa that she took during the time she left the family in 1994, clearly not pregnant. (TXF: "Emily")

Several years after Melissa's death, Scully remarks to Monica Reyes that she reminds her of her sister. (TXF: "Existence")


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