Marty Neil was a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He attended the FBI Academy in Quantico and was in a class with Dana Scully and Tom Colton. Marty Neil was known as "J. Edgar, Jr." by his peers and graduated from the Academy in 1991.

In 1993, he had a successful hunch regarding the World Trade Center bombing. He was consequently promoted to the rank of Supervisory Special Agent and recruited into Foreign Counter Intelligence at the New York City Bureau, only two years after his graduation from the Academy.

Later that year, Neil had a chance encounter with Agent Colton, who learned of Neil's promotion and later relayed news of it to Special Agent Scully when she was having lunch with Colton. Scully was at first puzzled how Neil had managed to advance in his career so quickly, until Colton explained about Neil's lucky hunch. Even though Scully seemed pleased for her former classmate, Colton commented that Neil was "a loser" and expressed his own jealousy regarding Neil's progressing career. (TXF: "Squeeze")

This unseen character is the only member of the FBI who is definitely established as holding the rank of Supervisory Special Agent.
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