Margaret Fearon

Margaret Fearon in 2008.

Margaret Fearon was the mother of Christian Fearon and the wife of Blair Fearon.

While visiting her young son (who was ill with Sandhoff disease) at Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital in 2008, Margaret gently pushed a wheelchair-bound Christian Fearon out of his ward and into a corridor. After Dana Scully (Christian's doctor) approached Margaret and her husband, Margaret glanced at Blair, almost immediately after he asked Scully if she had some outside opinions, to which Scully answered positively. Margaret learned that the hospital's medical staff were about to conduct some more tests on Christian but the conversation was then brought to an abrupt end, due to Scully being distracted by the arrival of FBI Special Agent Drummy.

Blair Fearon and Margaret Fearon

Margaret Fearon and her husband, Blair, talk to Dr. Scully.

After Scully authorized that Christian would undergo a series of stem cell therapy procedures, Margaret and her husband once again visited their son, although Christian was sleeping on this occasion. Later during this visit, Margaret and her husband approached Dr. Scully as she neared the bottom of a flight of stairs in the hospital, Margaret essentially announcing the presence of herself and her husband by quietly addressing Scully. Margaret told Scully that they had been in to see their son but that he had been sleeping. She started to say something about herself and her husband when he interrupted, declaring that they had changed their minds about proceeding with Christian's treatment.

Margaret tried to explain their change of heart by telling Scully that they now wanted to put their faith in God. Even though Scully disappointedly claimed to understand, Margaret continued trying to explain that their decision was nothing against Scully. Margaret was unaware, however, that Scully had once had a child of her own and speculated that, if Scully was a mother, she would understand the couple's choice. In response to a tearful Scully imagining (in askance) if the treatment was successful, a saddened Margaret wondered if Scully was suggesting that she could save Christian. Scully, however, did not reply to the question but simply admitted that she now did not want to give up.

Margaret Fearon, Father Ybarra and Blair Fearon

Margaret stands with her husband, Blair, and Father Ybarra.

Margaret was later standing with Blair and Father Ybarra at one end of a corridor while Scully passed them, on her way to conduct another of the procedures on Christian; the threesome watched Scully as she passed them. (The X-Files: I Want to Believe)

Margaret Fearon was played by Carrie Ruscheinsky. This character's forename is never established during the fictional events of the film but is provided in the film's end credits sequence.
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