The Marburg Virus was a filovirus that lived in an animal host, originally monkeys in the Kitum Cave region of East Africa. The Soviet Union sent men in the jungle to obtain it with the expressed goal of turning it into a biological weapon. Since the virus was genetically labile, it could exchange genes with a multitude of devastating plagues, making it capable of evolving into many variations.

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The Soviets developed a particular variant by bonding it with prions, making it immune to antibiotics, enzymes, and capable of withstanding extreme heat. After the Soviet Union disbanded, the facility where the variant was stored was deserted and the virus leaked, infecting birds in the nearby area of Pekeb. These birds eventually migrated across the world.

The first known human death from Marburg variant PRP was a Wisconsin farmer in 1986. However, as soon as he and his flock of hens perished, the virus vanished. The Millennium Group developed a vaccine, only having enough materials to distribute it among Group members should another outbreak occur. (MM: "The Time is Now")

During The Gulf War, the Millennium Group intercepted military channels and ordered Eric Swan to unleash a weak strain of Marburg on U.S. soldiers, killing an entire platoon. This was done as a test run to witness the virus' effects on physically fit soldiers wearing protective gear. (MM: "Collateral Damage")

In the spring of 1998, Marburg variant PRP returned. It mostly affected the Pacific Northwest, but infections were also known to occur in San Diego, China, and South America. The Millennium Group inoculated themselves, including an unknowing Frank Black and Peter Watts. Frank fled to his father's cabin in the mountains with his wife Catherine and daughter Jordan. Using a spare vaccine intended for and given by Lara Means, Catherine protected Jordan from the virus before succumbing to it later that night. (MM: "The Time is Now")

In total, 70 people died in the Pacific Northwest from the outbreak. (MM: "The Innocents") According to Detective Bob Geibelhouse, 80 people died worldwide. (MM: "The Sound of Snow"). Frank became convinced that the Millennium Group orchestrated the outbreak, later finding out that they were specifically targeting areas where the cloned remote viewers of Project Grillflame were living. (MM: "Exegesis")


Victims of Marburg variant PHP would first be overcome with a sense of disorientation, including a low-grade fever and possible irritability. The secondary symptoms could take only minutes to appear; these usually included a maculopapular rash, purple leisons and the perspiration of blood, eventually leading to lethal external hemorrhaging. (MM: "The Fourth Horseman"), (MM: "The Time is Now")


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