A manitou.

Lyle Parker transforming into a manitou.

The manitou is an evil spirit in Algonquin lore that is capable of changing a man into a beast. If a human is attacked by a manitou, they become one. The manitou overcomes a man during the night, and not just during a full moon, like the werewolf. When the blood lust of a man becomes uncontrollable, the manitou turns the man into a full, ravenous wolf-like creature. This cycle begins every night until death. Several members of the Trego Native American tribe carry the condition through bloodlines.

In 1994, Joseph Goodensnake transformed into a manitou and, in that form, attacked Lyle Parker, a settler and son of a farmer in the area. The attack caused Lyle Parker to catch the infection which turns a human into a manitou. He consequently later attacked and killed his own father, Jim Parker. (TXF: "Shapes")

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