Maitreya (played by Krista Allen) was computer-generated being created by Phoebe that entered the FPS game environment. Maitreya was based on a digital scan of Jade Blue Afterglow. In the game, Maitreya took on a life of her own and killed an actual player, Retro, with a flintlock pistol. Mulder and Scully were called in to investigate the bizarre murder. Scully dismissed Maitreya as an "immature, hormonal fantasy." The situation worsened when Maitreya faced Darryl Musashi, whose hands she cut off before decapitating him. When The Lone Gunmen entered the game and were unable to escape, Mulder went to help them. Instead of leaving the game space with them, he pursued Maitreya, who nearly killed him with a 14th-century broadsword. Eventually, the agents were able to destroy the program with Phoebe's help. With FPS in ruins, its creator, Ivan Martinez, was very despondent until the image of Maitreya seemed to reappear on his workstation - but with Scully's face. (TXF: "First Person Shooter")

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