Magic is an umbrella term that describes a wide variety of occult practices and disciplines as well as one of the first forms of response to natural events of ancient civilizations. The word "magic" refers both to the energy that is believed to act on the physical plane, as much as the practice of so-called magical arts. Generally, magical arts or sorcery used for malicious purposes or for personal gain are called Witchcraft and are associated in popular culture to the Devil and satanic practices. (TXF: "Die Hand Die Verletzt")

Although the majority of religions have a total hostility to magic, pagan and neo-pagan cultures, such as the Wiccan religion totally embrace the practice of magic. (TXF: "Sanguinarium"; TXF: "Theef")

Over time the word magic is fully entered in the jargon of prestidigitation and illusory tricks, where its practitioners are often called magicians and are only skilled illusionists instead of demons or ancient pagan deities worshipers. (TXF: "The Amazing Maleeni")

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