Lyle Parker (played by Ty Miller) was a rancher in Montana.

Lyle Parker was attacked by what seemed like a wild animal. As a result, he suffered some serious wounds. His father, Jim Parker, shot the animal but when they inspected the body, they found it was that of Joseph Goodensnake.

After FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder came to the conclusion Joe Goodensnake had been a werewolf, Jim Parker was murdered, on the night of Goodensnake's funeral. While Mulder, fellow FBI Special Agent Dana Scully and Sheriff Charles Tskany investigated the crime scene, Scully found Lyle Parker naked in a field, with no idea of how he got there. Scully brought Lyle to the hospital while Sheriff Tskany took Mulder to see Ish, who told them that Joe had been infected by what is known as a manitou. Ish had seen a manitou when he was sixteen, it was Watkins, one of the cases Mulder had told Scully about earlier on. (TXF: "Shapes")

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