Lucy Householder
Character: Lucy Householder
Actress: Tracey Ellis

Lucy Householder (played by Tracey Ellis) was kidnapped by Carl Wade and kept in his basement for five years until she escaped and was discovered on the side of the road in 1978. Despite her freedom, she was deeply scarred and barely able to function in society. Nevertheless, she got a job working at a fast-food joint and eventually was able to manage. In 1995, Wade reappeared and kidnapped Amy Jacobs. There appeared to be a psychic connection between Lucy and Jacobs, which Mulder believed could lead them to Jacobs' whereabouts. Scully was less convinced but was nonetheless able, with Mulder, to find Wade. During Jacobs' dramatic rescue in which Mulder killed Wade, Lucy perished - she was able to experience and react to everything Jacobs experienced through their psychic connection, which killed her. Mulder believed that Lucy's death allowed Jacobs to live after such a remarkably horrific experience. Mulder was particularly saddened by Lucy's death, as he had developed an affection for her. (TXF: "Oubliette")

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Background Information

  • Eryn Collins played a 12-year-old Lucy in flashback sequences.
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