Lucy Butler

Lucy Butler in her human form.

Lucy Butler was the female persona of a demon that Frank Black had several encounters with between 1997 and 1999. Butler would sometimes also appear as a long-haired man, as well as in "her" true demon form.

Black first encountered Butler after she helped her husband Ephraim Fabricant escape from a hospital where he was undergoing surgery to have one of his kidneys removed and given to his sister. Butler removed Fabricant's other kidney and it was somehow placed in the refrigerator in the Black's house. Butler later appeared to Catherine Black in her male appearance. She later appeared to Bob Bletcher, interchanging between her female form and demon form. Bletcher was killed soon after. ("Lamentation")
Lucy Butler demon

Lucy Butler's demon form.

Several weeks later, Black saw Alistair Pepper appear as Butler. ("Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions")

Butler later began kidnapping young adults who were average students, but had great potential. She would imprison them in small rooms and play Love Is Blue over and over again. ("A Room With No View")

By 1999, Butler was working as the nanny for John Saxum, Una Saxum and their daughter Divina Saxum. ("Antipas")


Lucy Butler during the first meeting with Frank Black.

Background information

  • Lucy Butler was played by Sarah-Jane Redmond. Scott Heindl played the character's male form in "A Room With No View" and "Antipas". Another actor played the "Long-Haired Man" in "Lamentation".