Louella Everage, once Madame Helena Davos

Louella Everage, the neighbor of Anna Haag, involved herself in much of what transpired as Frohike arrived as "Dolph" the lost son of Mrs. Haag. Seeming to be a nosy neighbor who was just insinuating herself into the situation, she was actually the Poisoner of Alsace. Recognizing the suspicious nature of a van with Byers and Langly watching Haag's home, she delivered a poisoned pastry to the house in an effort to kill Frohike but only managed to kill the housekeeper, Mrs. Allsop.

Later, she tried to poison Langly with muffins but he was warned early enough to empty his stomach.

With Jimmy Bond disguised as Michael Wilhelm, her long lost son, she confessed to who she had been and that she used Anna Haag as a decoy given her nearly identical life story. She even revealed the birthmark on her buttocks. However, having been deceived by the fake Michael Wilhelm (the real one already captured), she confessed to an identity that got her arrested.

(The Lone Gunmen: Eine Kleine Frohike)