An area of London in 1998.

London is a city in England, Great Britain. It is seventy miles from Bosham, England and is also the location of Scotland Yard. (TXF: "Fire")

During World War II, London was badly damaged by V-2 rockets designed by the notorious Nazi, Wernher von Braun. (TXF: "Paper Clip")

According to records, Cecil Lively, a documented citizen of Great Britain who was essentially a model citizen as he had paid his taxes and never been on the dole, died in 1971 in a London tenement fire. (TXF: "Fire")

Prior to 1989, scientists in London successfully managed to graft a salamander's limb on the creature's back, using cell morphegin from an amputated salamander arm. Although this initial research had only been conducted on salamanders, the success of the work in London partly inspired Doctor Joe Ridley's secret resurrection of criminal John Barnett in Tashmoo Federal Correction Facility, Pennsylvania in 1989. (TXF: "Young at Heart")

In 1998, the Syndicate held a meeting in London. Conrad Strughold, who had traveled all the way from Tunis, attended the meeting. (The X-Files Movie)

Background Information

The script of The X-Files Movie reveals that the Syndicate meeting in that film takes place in Kensington, London but this information is not provided in the film's final version. In reality, the exterior of the building where the Syndicate supposedly meet was Queen Alexandra's House in Kensington Gore, SW7, alongside the Albert Hall in Kensington.

Shots supposedly inside the London building used by the Syndicate were actually filmed inside the Athenaeum, the dining club of the California Institute of Technology, at 551 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena. This was a frequently used location, seen in Beverly Hills Cop and True Romance among other filmed productions.


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