The Lombard Research Facility was
Ova Storage Memento Mori
a high-security facility for medical research situated in Allentown, Pennsylvania. With aid from The Lone Gunmen, Agent Fox Mulder was able to break in and investigate, seeking information about Scully's cancer. Syndicate-affiliated doctors Carl Oppenheim, Peter Jeffers, Mike Bennett, Joel Spitz, Ross Austin as well as Kevin Scanlon, who treated the MUFON female abductees, worked at this facility, which appeared to be an important centre for hybridization experiments and drone production. The gestating hybrids monitored by a group of Kurt Crawford clones were conceived using female abductees' ova stored in a vault built into a laboratory. These abductees included Dana Scully, Penny Northern and Betsy Hagopian, making these women the biological mothers of a great number of hybrids. Agent Mulder also learned that a resistance movement had taken form among the Crawford hybrids who were opposed to these unethical practices and grieved their ailing and deceased mothers. It was from the Lombard Research Facility that Mulder retrieved the ova later used by Scully in her attempt to conceive a child.

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