Special Agent Elizabeth "Liz" Einstein is an FBI agent that is partnered with Special Agent Miller. Einstein, like Dana Scully is a medical doctor who believes in hard scientific evidence and is a skeptic of the paranormal.

Character history Edit

Elizabeth Einstein 2

After her partner Miller approached Mulder for advice on how to communicate with a nearly dead terrorist, Mulder reached out and told her he had a way to identify the location of the sleeper cell. He asked her to procure and administer him psychedelic mushrooms. She eventually obliged but gave him placebos. (TXF: "Babylon")

After Scully is involved in a car accident following a seizure, she is discovered by Einstein and Miller who return her to hospital. (TXF: "My Struggle III")


  • Her name is a clear nod to the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.
  • In the Blu-Ray/DVD extra documentary "Season X", Einstein's first name is given as Liz.


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