This is a complete list of The X-Files episodes and movies.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally Aired Nielsen ratings
First Aired Last Aired Average viewers
1 24 September 10, 1993 May 13, 1994 N/A 111
2 25 September 16, 1994 May 19, 1995 14.50 63
3 24 September 22, 1995 May 17, 1996 15.40 55
4 24 October 4, 1996 May 18, 1997 19.20 20
5 20 November 2, 1997 May 17, 1998 19.80 11
The X-Files June 19, 1998 N/A N/A
6 22 November 8, 1998 May 16, 1999 17.20 12
7 22 November 7, 1999 May 21, 2000 14.20 29
8 21 November 5, 2000 May 20, 2001 13.93 31
9 20 November 11, 2001 May 19, 2002 9.10 63
I Want to Believe July 25, 2008 N/A N/A
10 6 January 24, 2016 February 22, 2016 13.60 7
11 10 January 3, 2018 March 21, 2018 5.34 91


Episodes highlighted in yellow and with a double-dagger (‡) symbol indicate it is part of the series' alien mythology arc. All episode information has been obtained from Wikipedia

Season 1 (1993-94)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 1)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
11"Pilot"‡Robert MandelChris CarterSeptember 10, 19931X7912.0
22"Deep Throat"‡Daniel SackheimSeptember 17, 19931X0111.1
33"Squeeze"Harry LongstreetGlen Morgan & James WongSeptember 24, 19931X0211.1
44"Conduit"Daniel SackheimAlex Gansa & Howard GordonOctober 1, 19931X039.2
55"The Jersey Devil"Joe NapolitanoChris CarterOctober 8, 19931X0410.4
66"Shadows"Michael KatlemanGlen Morgan & James WongOctober 22, 19931X058.8
77"Ghost in the Machine"Jerrold FreedmanAlex Gansa & Howard GordonOctober 29, 19931X069.5
88"Ice"David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongNovember 5, 19931X0710.0
99"Space"William GrahamChris CarterNovember 12, 19931X0810.7
1010"Fallen Angel"‡Larry ShawAlex Gansa & Howard GordonNovember 19, 19931X098.8
1111"Eve"Fred GerberKenneth Biller & Chris BrancatoDecember 10, 19931X1010.4
1212"Fire"Larry ShawChris CarterDecember 17, 19931X1111.1
1313"Beyond the Sea"David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongJanuary 7, 19941X1210.8
1414"Gender Bender"Rob BowmanLarry Barber & Paul BarberJanuary 21, 19941X1311.1
1515"Lazarus"David NutterAlex Gansa & Howard GordonFebruary 4, 19941X1412.1
1616"Young at Heart"Michael LangeScott Kaufer and Chris CarterFebruary 11, 19941X1511.5
1717"E.B.E."‡William GrahamGlen Morgan & James WongFebruary 18, 19941X16N/A
1818"Miracle Man"Michael LangeChris Carter & Howard GordonMarch 18, 19941X1711.6
1919"Shapes"David NutterMarilyn OsbornApril 1, 19941X1811.5
2020"Darkness Falls"Joe NapolitanoChris CarterApril 15, 19941X1912.5
2121"Tooms"David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongApril 22, 19941X2013.4
2222"Born Again"Jerrold FreedmanAlex Gansa & Howard GordonApril 29, 19941X2113.7
2323"Roland"David NutterChris RuppenthalMay 6, 19941X2212.5
2424"The Erlenmeyer Flask"‡R.W. GoodwinChris CarterMay 13, 19941X2314.0

Season 2 (1994-95)Edit

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No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
251"Little Green Men"‡David NutterGlen Morgan & James WongSeptember 16, 19942X0116.1
262"The Host"Daniel SackheimChris CarterSeptember 23, 19942X0215.9
273"Blood"David NutterStory: Darin Morgan

Teleplay: Glen Morgan & James Wong
September 30, 19942X0314.8
284"Sleepless"Rob BowmanHoward GordonOctober 7, 19942X0413.4
295"Duane Barry"‡Chris CarterOctober 14, 19942X0513.9
306"Ascension"‡Michael LangePaul BrownOctober 21, 19942X0615.5
317"3"David NutterChris Ruppenthal and Glen Morgan & James WongNovember 4, 19942X0715.0
328"One Breath"‡R.W. GoodwinGlen Morgan & James WongNovember 11, 19942X0815.3
339"Firewalker"David NutterHoward GordonNovember 18, 19942X0915.2
3410"Red Museum"‡Win PhelpsChris CarterDecember 9, 19942X1016.1
3511"Excelsis Dei"Stephen SurjikPaul BrownDecember 16, 19942X1114.2
3612"Aubrey"Rob BowmanSara B. CharnoJanuary 6, 19952X1216.2
3713"Irresistible"David NutterChris CarterJanuary 13, 19952X1314.7
3814"Die Hand Die Verletzt"Kim MannersGlen Morgan & James WongJanuary 27, 19952X1417.7
3915"Fresh Bones"Rob BowmanHoward GordonFebruary 3, 19952X1517.8
4016"Colony"‡Nick MarckStory: David Duchovny & Chris Carter

Teleplay: Chris Carter
February 10, 19952X1615.9
4117"End Game"‡Rob BowmanFrank SpotnitzFebruary 17, 19952X1717.5
4218"Fearful Symmetry"James Whitmore, Jr.Steve DeJarnattFebruary 24, 19952X1816.5
4319"Død Kalm"Rob BowmanStory: Howard Gordon

Teleplay: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa
March 10, 19952X1917.1
4420"Humbug"Kim MannersDarin MorganMarch 31, 19952X2015.7
4521"The Căluşari"Michael VejarSara B. ChornoApril 14, 19952X2112.9
4622"F. Emasculata"Rob BowmanChris Carter & Howard GordonApril 28, 19952X2214.0
4723"Soft Light"James ContnerVince GilliganMay 5, 19952X2312.9
4824"Our Town"Rob BowmanFrank SpotnitzMay 12, 19952X2414.5
4925"Anasazi"‡R. W. GoodwinStory: David Duchovny & Chris Carter

Teleplay: Chris Carter
May 19, 19952X2516.6

Season 3 (1995-96)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 3)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
501"The Blessing Way"‡R.W. GoodwinChris CarterSeptember 22, 19953X0119.94
512"Paper Clip"‡Rob BowmanSeptember 29, 19953X0217.20
523"D.P.O."Kim MannersHoward GordonOctober 6, 19953X0315.57
534"Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"David NutterDarin MorganOctober 13, 19953X0415.38
545"The List"Chris CarterOctober 20, 19953X0516.72
556"2Shy"David NutterJeffrey VlamingNovember 3, 19953X0614.83
567"The Walk"Rob BowmanJohn ShibanNovember 10, 19953X0715.91
578"Oubliette"Kim MannersCharles Grant CraigNovember 17, 19953X0815.90
589"Nisei"‡David NutterChris Carter & Howard Gordon & Frank SpotnitzNovember 24, 19953X0916.36
5910"731"‡Rob BowmanFrank SpotnitzDecember 1, 19953X1017.68
6011"Revelations"David NutterKim NewtonDecember 15, 19953X1115.25
6112"War of the Coprophages"Kim MannersDarin MorganJanuary 5, 19963X1216.32
6213"Syzygy"Rob BowmanChris CarterJanuary 26, 19963X1316.04
6314"Grotesque"Kim MannersHoward GordonFebruary 2, 19963X1418.32
6415"Piper Maru"‡Rob BowmanFrank Spotnitz & Chris CarterFebruary 9, 19963X1516.44
6516"Apocrypha"‡Kim MannersFebruary 16, 19963X1616.71
6617"Pusher"Rob BowmanVince GilliganFebruary 23, 19963X1716.20
6718"Teso Dos Bichos"Kim MannersJohn ShibanMarch 8, 19963X1817.38
6819"Hell Money"Tucker GatesJeffrey VlamingMarch 29, 19963X1914.86
6920"José Chung's From Outer Space"Rob BowmanDarin MorganApril 12, 19963X2016.08
7021"Avatar"James CharlestonStory: David Duchovny & Howard Gordon

Teleplay: Howard Gordon
April 26, 19963X2114.62
7122"Quagmire"Kim MannersKim NewtonMay 3, 19963X2216.00
7223"Wetwired"Rob BowmanMat BeckMay 10, 19963X2314.48
7324"Talitha Cumi"‡R. W. GoodwinStory: David Duchovny & Chris Carter

Teleplay: Chris Carter
May 17, 19963X2417.86

Season 4 (1996-97)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 4)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
741"Herrenvolk"‡R.W. GoodwinChris CarterOctober 4, 19964X0121.11
752"Home"Kim MannersGlen Morgan & James WongOctober 11, 19964X0318.85
763"Teliko"James CharlestonHoward GordonOctober 18, 19964X0418.01
774"Unruhe"Rob BowmanVince GilliganOctober 27, 19964X0219.10
785"The Field Where I Died"Glen Morgan & James WongNovember 3, 19964X0519.85
796"Sanguinarium"Kim MannersValerie Mayhew & Vivian MayhewNovember 10, 19964X0618.85
807"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"‡James WongGlen MorganNovember 17, 19964X0717.09
818"Tunguska"‡Kim MannersFrank Spotnitz & Chris CarterNovember 24, 19964X0918.85
829"Terma"‡Rob BowmanDecember 1, 19964X1017.34
8310"Paper Hearts"Vince GilliganDecember 15, 19964X0816.59
8411"El Mundo Gira"Tucker GatesJohn ShibanJanuary 12, 19974X1122.37
8512"Leonard Betts"Kim MannersVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzJanuary 26, 19974X1429.15
8613"Never Again"Rob BowmanGlen Morgan & James WongFebruary 2, 19974X1321.36
8714"Memento Mori"‡Chris Carter & Vince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzFebruary 9, 19974X1519.10
8815"Kaddish"Kim MannersHoward GordonFebruary 16, 19974X1216.56
8916"Unrequited"Michael LangeStory: Howard Gordon

Teleplay: Howard Gordon & Chris Carter
February 23, 19974X16
9017"Tempus Fugit"‡Rob BowmanChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMarch 16, 19974X1718.85
9118"Max"‡Kim MannersMarch 23, 19974X1818.34
9219"Synchrony"James CharlestonHoward Gordon & David GreenwaltApril 13, 19974X1918.09
9320"Small Potatoes"Cliff BoleVince GilliganApril 20, 19974X2020.86
9421"Zero Sum"‡Kim MannersHoward Gordon & Frank SpotnitzApril 27, 19974X2118.60
9522"Elegy"James CharlestonJohn ShibanMay 4, 19974X2217.10
9623"Demons"‡Kim MannersR. W. GoodwinMay 11, 19974X2319.10
9724"Gethsemane"‡R. W. GoodwinChris CarterMay 18, 19974X2419.85

Season 5 (1997-98)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 5)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
981"Redux"‡R.W. GoodwinChris CarterNovember 2, 19975X0227.34
992"Redux II"‡Kim MannersNovember 9, 19975X0324.84
1003"Unusual Suspects"Vince GilliganNovember 16, 19975X0121.72
1014"Detour"Brett DowlerFrank SpotnitzNovember 23, 19975X0422.88
1025""Chris CarterNovember 30, 19975X0618.68
1036"Christmas Carol"‡Peter MarkleVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzDecember 7, 19975X0520.91
1047"Emily"‡Kim MannersDecember 14, 19975X0720.94
1058"Kitsunegari"Daniel SackheimVince Gilligan & Tim MinearJanuary 4, 19985X0819.75
1069"Schizogeny"Ralph HemeckerJessica Scott & Mike WollaegerJanuary 11, 19985X0921.37
10710"Chinga"Kim MannersStephen King & Chris CarterFebruary 8, 19985X1021.33
10811"Kill Switch"Rob BowmanWilliam Gibson & Tom MaddoxFebruary 15, 19985X1118.04
10912"Bad Blood"Cliff BoleVince GilliganFebruary 22, 19985X1219.25
11013"Patient X"‡Kim MannersChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMarch 1, 19985X1320.21
11114"The Red and the Black"‡Chris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMarch 8, 19985X1419.98
11215"Travelers"William GrahamJohn Shiban & Frank SpotnitzMarch 29, 19985X1515.06
11316"Mind's Eye"Kim MannersTim MinearApril 19, 19985X1616.53
11417"All Souls"Allen CoulterStory: Billy Brown & Dan Angel

Teleplay: Frank Spotnitz & John Shiban
April 26, 19985X1713.44
11518"The Pine Bluff Variant"Rob BowmanJohn ShibanMay 3, 19985X1818.24
11619"Folie à Deux"Kim MannersVince GilliganMay 10, 19985X1917.63
11720"The End"‡R. W. GoodwinChris CarterMay 17, 19985X2018.76

The X-Files (1998)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files: Fight the Future
Title Director Writers Release Date (U.S.)
Template:Preview/fightthefutureRob BowmanStory: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz

Screenplay: Chris Carter
June 19, 1998
The film takes place between seasons 5 and 6. The X-Files have been shut down, and Mulder and Scully are dealing with a terrorist threat. However, when a government building is destroyed, Mulder is approached by a mysterious doctor who reveals that there was more to the bomb than meets the eye. Mulder and Scully's investigations lead to the discovery of several secret installations and the true nature of the relationship between the alien colonists and the Syndicate.

Season 6 (1998-99)Edit

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No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
1181"The Beginning"‡Kim MannersChris CarterNovember 8, 19986ABX0120.34
1192"Drive"Rob BowmanVince GilliganNovember 15, 19986ABX0218.5
1203"Triangle"Chris CarterNovember 22, 19986ABX0318.2
1214"Dreamland"Kim MannersVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzNovember 29, 19986ABX0417.48
1225"Dreamland II"Michael WatkinsDecember 6, 19986ABX0517.01
1236"How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"Chris CarterDecember 13, 19986ABX0817.31
1247"Terms of Endearment"Rob BowmanDavid AmannJanuary 3, 19996ABX0618.69
1258"The Rain King"Kim MannersJeffrey BellJanuary 10, 19996ABX0721.24
1269"S.R. 819"‡Daniel SackheimJohn ShibanJanuary 17, 19996ABX1015.65
12710"Tithonus"Michael WatkinsVince GilliganJanuary 24, 19996ABX0915.83
12811"Two Fathers"‡Kim MannersChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzFebruary 7, 19996ABX1118.81
12912"One Son"‡Rob BowmanFebruary 14, 19996ABX1216.57
13013"Agua Mala"David AmannFebruary 21, 19996ABX1416.91
13114"Monday"Kim MannersVince Gilligan & John ShibanFebruary 28, 19996ABX1516.74
13215"Arcadia"Michael WatkinsDaniel ArkinMarch 7, 19996ABX1317.91
13316"Alpha"Peter MarkleJeffrey BellMarch 28, 19996ABX1617.67
13417"Trevor"Rob BowmanJim Guttridge & Ken HawryliwApril 11, 19996ABX1717.65
13518"Milagro"Kim MannersStory: John Shiban & Frank Spotnitz

Teleplay: Chris Carter
April 18, 19996ABX1815.2
13619"The Unnatural"David DuchovnyApril 25, 19996ABX2016.88
13720"Three of a Kind"Bryan SpicerVince Gilligan & John ShibanMay 2, 19996ABX1912.94
13821"Field Trip"Kim MannersStory: Frank Spotnitz

Teleplay: John Shiban & Vince Gilligan
May 9, 19996ABX2115.38
13922"Biogenesis"‡Rob BowmanChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMay 16, 19996ABX2215.86

Season 7 (1999-2000)Edit

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No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
1401"The Sixth Extinction"‡Kim MannersChris CarterNovember 7, 19997ABX0317.82
1412"The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"‡Michael WatkinsDavid Duchovny & Chris CarterNovember 14, 19997ABX0416.15
1423"Hungry"Kim MannersVince GilliganNovember 21, 19997ABX0116.17
1434"Millennium"Thomas J. WrightVince Gilligan & Frank SpotnitzNovember 28, 19997ABX0515.09
1445"Rush"Robert LiebermanDavid AmannDecember 5, 19997ABX0612.71
1456"The Goldberg Variation"Thomas J. WrightJeffrey BellDecember 12, 19997ABX0214.49
1467"Orison"Rob BowmanChip JohannessenJanuary 9, 20007ABX0715.63
1478"The Amazing Maleeni"Thomas J. WrightVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzJanuary 16, 20007ABX0816.18
1489"Signs and Wonders"Kim MannersJeffrey BellJanuary 23, 20007ABX0913.86
14910"Sein Und Zeit"‡Michael WatkinsChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzFebruary 6, 20007ABX1013.95
15011"Closure"‡Kim MannersFebruary 13, 20007ABX1115.35
15112"X-Cops"Michael WatkinsVince GilliganFebruary 20, 20007ABX1216.56
15213"First Person Shooter"Chris CarterWilliam Gibson & Tom MaddoxFebruary 27, 20007ABX1315.31
15314"Theef"Kim MannersVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzMarch 12, 20007ABX1411.91
15415"En Ami"‡Rob BowmanWilliam B. DavisMarch 19, 20007ABX1511.99
15516"Chimera"Cliff BoleDavid AmannApril 2, 20007ABX1612.89
15617"all things"Gillian AndersonApril 9, 20007ABX1712.18
15718"Brand X"Kim MannersSteven Maeda & Greg WalkerApril 16, 20007ABX1910.81
15819"Hollywood A.D."David DuchovnyApril 30, 20007ABX1812.88
15920"Fight Club"Paul ShapiroChris CarterMay 7, 20007ABX2011.70
16021"Je Souhaite"Vince GilliganMay 14, 20007ABX2112.79
16122"Requiem"‡Kim MannersChris CarterMay 21, 20007ABX2215.26

Season 8 (2000-01)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 8)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
1621"Within"‡Kim MannersChris CarterNovember 5, 20008ABX0115.87
1632"Without"‡November 12, 20008ABX0215.1
1643"Patience"Chris CarterNovember 19, 20008ABX0413.3
1654"Roadrunners"Rod HardyVince GilliganNovember 26, 20008ABX0513.6
1665"Invocation"Richard ComptonDavid AmannDecember 3, 20008ABX0613.9
1676"Redrum"Peter MarkleStory: Steven Maeda & Daniel Arkin

Teleplay: Steven Maeda
December 10, 20008ABX0313.2
1687"Via Negativa"Tony WharmbyFrank SpotnitzDecember 17, 20008ABX0712.37
1698"Surekill"Terrence O'HaraGreg WalkerJanuary 7, 20018ABX0913.3
1709"Salvage"Rod HardyJeffrey BellJanuary 14, 20018ABX1011.7
17110"Badlaa"Tony WharmbyJohn ShibanJanuary 21, 20018ABX1211.8
17211"The Gift"‡Kim MannersFrank SpotnitzFebruary 4, 20018ABX1114.6
17312"Medusa"Richard ComptonFebruary 11, 20018ABX1313.8
17413"Per Manum"‡Kim MannersChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzFebruary 18, 20018ABX0816.0
17514"This is Not Happening"‡February 25, 20018ABX1416.9
17615"DeadAlive"‡Tony WharmbyApril 1, 20018ABX1512.4
17716"Three Words"‡April 8, 20018ABX18N/A
17817"Empedocles"Barry K. ThomasGreg WalkerApril 22, 20018ABX1712.46
17918"Vienen"‡Rod HardySteven MaedaApril 29, 20018ABX1611.8
18019"Alone"Frank SpotnitzMay 6, 20018ABX1912.7
18120"Essence"‡Kim MannersChris CarterMay 13, 20018ABX2012.8
18221"Existence"‡May 20, 20018ABX2114.00

Season 9 (2001-02)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 9)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
1831"Nothing Important Happened Today"‡Kim MannersChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzNovember 11, 20019ABX0110.6
1842"Nothing Important Happened Today II"‡Tony WharmbyNovember 18, 20019ABX029.4
1853"Dæmonicus"Frank SpotnitzDecember 2, 20019ABX038.7
1864"4-D"Tony WharmbySteven MaedaDecember 9, 20019ABX058.9
1875"Lord of the Flies"Kim MannersThomas SchnauzDecember 16, 20019ABX069.9
1886"Trust No 1"‡Tony WharmbyChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzJanuary 6, 20029ABX088.4
1897"John Doe"Michelle MacLarenVince GilliganJanuary 13, 20029ABX078.7
1908"Hellbound"Kim MannersDavid AmannJanuary 27, 20029ABX047.8
1919"Provenance"‡Kim MannersChris Carter & Frank SpotnitzMarch 3, 20029ABX109.7
19210"Providence"‡Chris CarterMarch 10, 20029ABX118.4
19311"Audrey Pauley"Kim MannersSteven MaedaMarch 17, 20029ABX138.0
19412"Underneath"John ShibanMarch 31, 20029ABX097.3
19513"Improbable"Chris CarterApril 7, 20029ABX149.1
19614"Scary Monsters"Dwight LittleThomas SchnauzApril 14, 20029ABX128.2
19715"Jump the Shark"Cliff BoleVince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzApril 21, 20029ABX158.6
19816"William"‡David DuchovnyStory: David Duchovny & Frank Spotnitz & Chris Carter

Teleplay: Chris Carter
April 28, 20029ABX179.3
19917"Release"Kim MannersStory: John Shiban & David Amann

Teleplay: David Amann
May 5, 20029ABX167.8
20018"Sunshine Days"Vince GilliganMay 12, 20029ABX1810.4
"The Truth"‡Kim MannersChris CarterMay 19, 20029ABX19

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Title Director Writers Release Date (U.S.)
Template:Preview/iwanttobelieveChris CarterFrank Spotnitz & Chris CarterJuly 25, 2008
Mulder and Scully have both left the FBI, but when an FBI agent is mysteriously kidnapped, and a former priest who has been convicted of being a child molester claims to be experiencing psychic visions of the endangered agent, they reluctantly accept the FBI's request for their paranormal expertise.

Season 10 (2016)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 10)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
2031"My Struggle"‡Chris CarterJanuary 24, 20161AYW0116.19
2042"Founder's Mutation"James WongJanuary 25, 20161AYW059.67
2053"Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster"Darin MorganFebruary 1, 20161AYW038.37
2064"Home Again"Glen MorganFebruary 8, 20161AYW028.31
2075"Babylon"Chris CarterFebruary 15, 20161AYW047.07
2086"My Struggle II"‡Chris CarterStory: Anne Simon & Margaret Fearon & Chris Carter

Teleplay: Chris Carter
February 22, 20161AYW067.60

Season 11 (2018)Edit

      Main article: The X-Files (season 11)
No. Overall No. in season Title Director Writer Air Date Prod. code U.S. viewers (millions)
2091"My Struggle III"‡Chris CarterJanuary 3, 20182AYW015.15
2102"This"Glen MorganJanuary 10, 20182AYW023.95
2113"Plus One"Kevin HooksChris CarterJanuary 17, 20182AYW03
2124"The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat"Darin MorganJanuary 24, 20182AYW043.87
2135"Ghouli"‡James WongJanuary 31, 20182AYW053.64
2146"Kitten"Carol BankerGabe RotterFebruary 7, 20182AYW063.74
2157"Rm9sbG93ZXJz"Glen MorganShannon Hamblin & Kristen ClokeFebruary 28, 20182AYW073.23
2168"Familiar"Holly DaleBenjamin Van AllenMarch 7, 20182AYW093.46
2179"Nothing Lasts Forever"James WongKaren NielsenMarch 14, 20182AYW083.01
21810"My Struggle IV"‡Chris CarterMarch 21, 20182AYW103.43
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