Leonard "Rappo" Trimble (portrayed by Ian Tracey) was a patient at a Veterans Administration hospital, having become a quadruple amputee during the Gulf War. The deeply embittered Trimble resented having lost his limbs, and blamed the Army chain of command for his injuries and those of his fellow crippled veterans. Having garnered the ability to use astral projection, he proceeded to murder the families of a lieutenant-colonel and a general, but rendered those victims incapable of committing suicide so that they could feel the horror and helplessness Trimble had suffered. Trimble was finally stopped as he was using his astral body to attack Mulder, when the lieutenant-colonel smothered him with a pillow. No evidence linked Trimble to the deaths, and his family requested that he be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. He was instead cremated and buried in a civilian cemetery in Pennsylvania. (TXF: "The Walk")

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