The Lazarus Bowl was supposedly a religious relic that served as the plot device for Wayne Federman's film, The Lazarus Bowl. Dana Scully first mentioned it to Fox Mulder. Scully described a nun at her Catholic school jokingly referred to as Sister Spooky who claimed that the aunt of Lazarus had been making a clay bowl when Jesus Christ resurrected Lazarus. The words of Christ were then recorded in the grooves of the bowl much like a phonograph record. While investigating the bombing of Augustine O'Fallon's church, Federman found broken pieces of a clay pot that may have been such a relic. Charles Burks performed sonic analysis on it and indeed found audio data within the grooves. The first part of the data translated into:

I am the walrus. I am the walrus. Paul is dead. Goo goo ga joo. (a reference to I Am the Walrus, a popular song by The Beatles, and a long lasting myth that band member Paul McCartney had died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike).

However, the word "walrus" was literally presented as "bearded, cow-like sea beast." The second part of the data was more unsettling: it was of someone commanding someone else to rise from the dead and was recorded in Aramaic, the language of Christ.

The authenticity of the artifact was never fully determined, however. (TXF: "Hollywood A.D.")

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