Lara Means Christmas

Lara Means attending a Christmas Eve party at Peter Watts' house.

Lara Means
(played by Kristen Cloke) was a forensic psychologist. She was a candidate to the Millennium Group who often worked with Frank Black. Like Frank she too had a "gift"; hers in the form of visitations by an angel. (MM: "Monster")

As time wore on, her visions would often get more apocalyptic in nature, putting her in great distress. After she was sworn in as a full member of the Millennium Group on the eve of the Marburg Virus outbreak, she had a complete mental breakdown. Her last act of sanity before being committed was giving her ration of the Marburg vaccine to Frank.

Frank visited her by her bedside before retreating to his cabin with his family. He thanked her for understanding the burden he often felt, and hoped that she would now find peace. (MM: "The Time is Now")

Lara's catch-phrase was "Here's my thing"; which she said before explaining her angle.


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