Lake Okoboji, Iowa is a UFO Hotspot.


In August 1967 there were four UFO sightings, including one by a US Weather-Service aeroplane. Four girl scouts and their troop den-mother claimed to have seen something and photographed a saucer-shaped object.

The US Weather-Service claimed the object was a weather-balloon caught in wind-shear, however no weather-balloons were launched within 700 miles of the lake that day so this seems to be a highly unlikely explanation.

The girl scouts included a Darlene Morris whose future daughter would be abducted from the same location 26 years later.


In late 1993 Ruby Morris was abducted from the shores of Lake Okobogee and returned some time later.

The spelling of this Iowa lake in reality is Okoboji however in multiple places in the "Conduit" episode, the spelling Okobogee is used. In reality, Iowa's lake Okoboji is surrounded by mostly flat terrain, but was shown in "Conduit" as being surrounded by mountains.  The episode also places the lake near Sioux City, Iowa. They are actually more than 110 miles apart. Mulder also mentions trout fishing, there are no trout in lake Okoboji. 


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