Kyle Sanford
Captain Kyle Sanford was the commanding officer of the submarine Zeus Faber during World War II. He and his crew were sent to salvage what they had been told was a sunken squadron of airplanes that had been escorting the third atomic bomb bound for Japan. Unbeknownst to them, the squadron had shot down a UFO in the area. When the submarine crew discovered the squadron's wreckage, Captain Sanford was somehow infected by the alien black oil from the UFO.

After the submarine's crew had discovered the downed planes, it was shadowed by a Japanese destroyer. Rather than giving the order to retreat, Sanford ordered the crew to stay in the area. Around this time, the crew began to succumb to radiation burns, a calling-card from exposure to the black oil. The executive officer aboard the submarine, Christopher Johansen, begged Sanford to reconsider his order but Sanford refused.

Black oil

Black Oil escaping from Kyle Sanford

Captain Sanford went down to the infirmary and was confronted by one of the dying men at gunpoint. Sanford wrested the gun away just as Johansen got down to them. Johansen sealed the infirmary off, trapping the sick men with the infected captain. Sanford turned on the other men in the infirmary, who watched the black oil pass over his eyes. One of the crewmen crept up behind Sanford and killed him, and the men subsequently watched with horror as the filmy black substance drained out of Sanford's lifeless body. (TXF: "Piper Maru", "Apocrypha")

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