Kyle Goldman was the son of Augustus and Jackie Goldman and the younger brother of Molly Goldman. Like his sister, he possessed extraordinary powers due to experiments conducted on him by his father while he was still an unborn baby. (TXF:"Founder's Mutation")


  • Telepathy: Kyle had the power to communicate with other people through the power of the mind alone. It manifested to the people he was communicating with as an extremely high pitched and piercing noise that proved extremely painful. This was because Kyle had little to no control over his power. He first used his telepathy when he was still inside his womb and told his mother to cut open her stomach to let him out. He used it to compel Dr Sanjay to help him but unfortunately, the pain proved to much and the poor man killed himself to make it stop. It should be noted that when Sanjay killed himself, Kyle also felt his pain due to being inside his head. Kyle could use the painful effect of his telepathy to incapacitate people such as Mulder and Scully. He also shared a telepathic connection with his sister Molly. Once they combined their abilities, Kyle gained far better control over his power. The most fearsome display of Kyle's telepathy was when he, along with Molly, psychically attacked their father and caused him to bleed out of his eye sockets, his nostrils, mouth and ears until he died of blood loss.
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