Kristen Kilar was an accomplice to several murders in Memphis, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; and Los Angeles, California. She was involved with a trio of what Agent Mulder believed to be vampires. Mulder investigated the case on his own, as Scully had recently disappeared. While questioning Kilar, he willingly gave into her advances and the two spent the night together. The following day, the remaining vampires tried to kill her and Mulder, but she ensured Mulder escaped while she blew up her own house, killing herself and the other vampires. ( TXF: "3")

By all appearances, Kristen Kilar seems out of place at Club Tepes, as she seems well-kempt. She is a very attractive woman with a certain mystique about her. When Mulder first meets her she asks, "Are you about to ask what a normal person like me is doing in a place like this?" Through the conversation, we learn that Kristen has a mundane job dealing "in equity, notes, bonds…" We also learn that she is into blood drinking and exchange. As she pulls a syringe from her person she tells Mulder that, "This gives my life... Life."  

Personal info retrieved from her California driver's license: 

Kristen Kilar, 1533 Malibu Canyon Rd., Malibu, CA. 91607 

Her date of birth is 09/23/1969. She is 5'8", 100 lbs. Has black hair and brown eyes. TXF: "3")


  • "3"
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