Kramer with Eugene Victor Tooms

Agent Kramer stands to the right of Eugene Victor Tooms, during Tooms' arrest.

Kramer and Kennedy with Fox Mulder

Agent Kramer sits in a car, with Special Agent Mulder in the drivers' seat and Agent Kennedy in the back seat.

Agent Kramer was a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its Violent Crimes Section. In 1993, he was one of several agents who were assigned under the jurisdiction of Agent Tom Colton.

During a meeting in an FBI conference room, Kramer and several other agents, including Agents Colton and Fuller, listened to Special Agent Dana Scully's profile of the as-yet unidentified Eugene Victor Tooms.

Agent Kramer was also amongst several agents who later answered a request for back-up from Scully while she alone was helping to conduct a stakeout on an office building where Tooms had last killed a victim. After hurriedly arriving with Agent Colton, Kramer and the other agents complied with Colton's order to arrest Tooms, who Scully and her partner, Special Agent Fox Mulder, had found climbing inside the building's ventilation system. Kramer stood beside Tooms, brandishing a gun, as Tooms lay down on the ground.

Kramer later traveled to 66 Exeter Street - after Scully had arranged a surveillance team to go there - and, with Agent Kennedy, Kramer met with Mulder in a car outside the building at 11:30 a.m.. Agent Kramer asked Mulder to remind him who they were looking for, which Mulder did. As Mulder left the car, Kramer laughed at Agent Kennedy teasingly referring to Mulder by his nickname, "Spooky". Even though Mulder had arranged that he would return to the car with Scully in eight hours, Agent Kramer had left the area by 7:25 p.m., as had Agent Kennedy, because both agents had been dismissed by Agent Colton's regional ASAC. (TXF: "Squeeze")

Agent Kramer was played by Rob Morton.
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